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Saint Georges School



Started At : 2021-10-01

Phone Number: 05 465 155

Email Address : [email protected]

Address : Hadath, Camil Chamoun Street Beirut, Lebanon

Over the past tens of years, Saint Georges School has blossomed and gained an edge with respect to other schools operating in the region. Saint Georges School has become recognized for its prestigious reputation and developed great brand image due to different academic indicators related to the highest levels of success in the Lebanese Baccalaureate Exams and other indicators related to the unique culture developed at our School.
Saint Georges School contains 58 classrooms, well equipped science labs, a library, a fully equipped playground, sport court and up to date computer labs which comprise the resources utilized by our faculty, staff and students. This is accompanied by highly competent human capital which is the corner stone of any success. The emphasis in our schools is on producing a first class education in a secure environment where the students’ development is always monitored and assessed by a group of well-educated teachers and professors. Saint Georges School offers the Arabic, English and French programs in addition to special Arabic programs for foreign students, Special Needs programs and Health Services by MediSchool. The school staff comprises teachers with a wide scope of expertise and academic accomplishments, selected based on EEO (equal employment opportunity) standards. This enthusiastic team of teachers and administrative staff seek to stimulate independence of thoughts, knowledge and well balanced education. Our faculty and staff are periodically trained and professionally developed to keep pace with the changing environment in which they operate and provide our students with the latest academic trends.