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The Art of Language…

Pronto is an extensive translation company based in Lebanon and covering the Middle East region and aiming to expand to a large part of the world in the future. Our translation agency is dedicated to servicing the foreign language needs and providing language solutions in various domains ranging from the most technical manuals to the most personal documents.
Pronto specializes in Arabic, French and English translation and language services. It provides corporate clients and individuals around the world with quality professional services based on the values of accuracy, liability, and integrity in a quick and timely manner.
We offer all sorts of language services tailored to your needs, whether they involve general, medical, financial, legal, or technical translation, or proofreading, copywriting, etc. We have it all.
We are keen on translating not only the language, but also the culture, idioms and nuances.
No matter what your requirements are, Pronto makes sure they are met the best way possible.
After all, Pronto masters the art of language, culture and of course promptness!